The 69″Max League

League play is on the horizon!

Currently the 69″ Max Basketball Association is organizing groups of interested players and organizations to begin competing soon.  Initially we will host a series of small tryouts and tournaments, beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area (Fall of 2012), then expand to where the most interest originates in this concept.  The Association will use what it learns during this phase to put together its first official 69″ Max season in the Summer of 2013.  Complete our contact form on this page to get involved early and to stay informed of our developments.

We are ready to play!  Are you?

69″ Max Regulations

69″Max teams play regulation basketball on professional courts. The basket is ten feet from the court and four feet from the baseline; it is 18″ in diameter and made of steel.  The rules of 5’9″ Max/69″ Max Basketball are almost entirely compatible with standard collegiate rules, with the only major difference being the maximum height …

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69″Max Honorary All-Stars

Let there be no doubt: you don’t have to be tall to be a great baskeball player! Here are just a few highlights of epic basketball players 5’9″ or closer to the ground: Spud Webb Slam Dunk Contest, 1986 Dunk Legend T-Dub 5’9″ The Best Dunker In The World   The Legend of 5’9” Demetrius“Hook” …

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Our initial tryouts and scrimmage will be in late September 2012, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please stay tuned and fill out our contact form on this page to stay up-to-date on developments.   By October we should have several events slated through Winter, so please bookmark this page and contact us.  We look …

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