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69″Max Honorary All-Stars

Let there be no doubt: you don’t have to be tall to be a great baskeball player!

Here are just a few highlights of epic basketball players 5’9″ or closer to the ground:

Spud Webb Slam Dunk Contest, 1986

Dunk Legend T-Dub 5’9″ The Best Dunker In The World


The Legend of 5’9” Demetrius“Hook” Mitchell


Kiwi Gardner MURDERS the competition at Super 100 Camp

Kiwi Gardner doing Work at Boo Williams… 5’7 PG with BOUNCE

5’9 Tyler Strange 2011 pg to Gardner Webb Division 1 Scholarship

Giff Gets Dunked On By 5′ 9″ Player

9-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Jaylin Fleming