Fun and Fitness for Adults

Basketball is great exercise for mind and body.

  • Running up and down a basketball court provides excellent conditioning for adults.
  • Learning how to shoot and learning how to defend shots keep sharpens the mind and improving dexterity and reflexes.
  • Competing on a team reacquaints adults with cooperation, collaboration, patience, leadership, humility, and comaraderie.
  • Basketball players who try their best feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging.


Live a long and healthy life!

  • Adults should exercise regularly throughout the span of their lifetime
  • People are more likely to exercise regularly if they belong to a team, because the team is depending on them to contribute.
  • Playing basketball and eating smart can extend an adults lifetime for years, and vastly improve the quality of every year lying ahead.
  • Having fun make life ever so much more enjoyable.  Have fun playing basketball with 69″ Max and get more enjoyment out of life.