Fun and Fitness for Youths

Basketball is great exercise for mind and body.

  • Running up and down a basketball court provides excellent conditioning for growing youths.
  • Learning how to shoot and learning how to defend shots improves young athletes’ dexterity and reflexes.
  • Competing on a team teaches cooperation, collaboration, patience, leadership, humility, and comaraderie.
  • Basketball players who try their best feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging.


Nutrition is Key!

  • At 5’9″ Max, we focus on dietary education alongside athletic growth.
  • Muscles only grow if they are fed protien,
  • The body can only metabolize protiens properly with the right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • Vitamins and minerals come from vegetables and fruits.
  • Sugar turns to fat, fat turns to fat, and lazy turns to fat.
  • Whole grains build healthy hearts.
  • Like becoming great at basketball, becoming a superstar in eating right takes desire, some coaching, and lots of practice. . . so never give up and always get better!