Welcome to 69″Max Basketball!

Basketball is the world’s most exciting sport.

Most basketball leagues and associations favor the tallest humans among us to play on the team, leaving the vast majority of us in the plastic bucket-seats of the local arena eating hotdogs.But no more!  Playing basketball is great exercise, and it is a lot of fun.  69″ Max, 175 Max and 5’9″ Max promote fitness and health through basketball for people of any age -anywhere on the planet– with just one catch.  Only people 5 foot 9 inches (1.75 meters) or shorter are eligible to play!

Why, you ask?  It’s simple: billions -yes billions of people have missed out on the opportunity to fall in love with the world’s most exciting sport -a sport that promotes fitness, health, teamwork, and community.  Play basketball with 69 Max for fun and for your health.  Enjoy the competitive spirit and even playing field.  And please, if you are over 5’9″, we would love to have you involved as a referee, coach, or equipment manager.

Introducing regulation height-class basketball for the masses!  69 Inches –Maximum height allowed. (1.75 Meters)



69″Max is building a global league devoted to providing professional and community basketball for everyone else!

If you are five foot nine inches or closer to the ground, we’d like to have you around.

69″Max promotes regulation-style basketball played by people of average height (or under).  Here you can find a local 69″Max professional team or tournament, learn how to box out against your taller opponents, purchase the inexplicably popular ’69″Max’ merchandise and clothing, even start your own 69″Max team!

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