Join a Youth Team

Basketball is great for kids and teenagers!

5’9″ Max promotes community basketball for children 18 and under, 5’9″ and under.

5’9″ Max mission is to coach all kids the fundamentals and the joy of basketball, and to prepare young athletes of every eventual height to succeed in basketball programs in high school, college, and beyond.

5’9″ Max supports local basketball leagues and teams, as well as its own growing network of 5’9″ Max divisions in the United States and beyond (pending the participation of people like YOU!).

5’9″ Max assists the most promising 5’9″ Max players: personal training and coaching, scholarship & college acceptance assistance, & community leadership training.



Health and Fitness

Childhood obesity continues to endanger the health of our younger generations.  Playing basketball is one of the best ways for kids to exercise:

  • It can be played just about anywhere you can post a 10-foot hoop.
  • A child can practice and exercise all by his or her self, or play a basketball game with as few as 2 people.
  • Basketball is a low-contact sport, so injury risks are lower than some other popular youth sports like football and hockey.
  • 5’9″ Max Basketball promotes dietary education and training along with athletics.  Lifelong habits like exercise and diet must be taught together, as their relationship is inexorably intertwined.
  • 5’9″ Max Basketball also promotes sobriety and drug-free recreation for families and children everywhere.  Having a lot of fun is a great distraction from the perils and poisons of modern society.

5’9″ Max Code of Conduct

  • I promise to play my best, and to try every day to get better.
  • I promise to play fair.
  • I promise to play as a team, to be a valuable teammate, and to trust my team.
  • I promise to abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs and chemicals, which completely destroy my ability to play excellent basketball. (dare we borrow a phrase?  “Clear Eyes, Full Heart . . . Can’t Lose!”)
  • I promise to represent my team and my 5’9″ Max team with pride and dignity.
  • I promise to focus on my studies and do well in school, after all at my height a basketball scholarship is highly unlikely — just being honest with myself.
  • I promise to respect the game of basketball at all times, which includes respecting every player on the court.


Youth Basketball Update, September 2012:

Currently 5’9″ Max is working with youth organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to begin our first youth basketball season.  If you have an existing basketball team in another league and you are looking for sponsorship, 5’9″ Max may work with its corporate partners to sponsor your team.  We want to hear from you no matter where you are, as we plan to grow into a global phenomenon rather quickly.  Complete the contact form on this page to stay informed about upcoming basketball workshops, trayouts, and teams forming in your area.