Our Community

We play for the people!

69″ Max believes in health and harmony, family and teamwork.  We work with our partners in the community to promote their causes as well.  Please join forces with us to get kids healthy and on the right track, and to promote exercise and health to adults around the nation and world.

Host a 69″ Max fundraiser tournament

69″ Max will partner with your 5013(c) nonprofit organization to promote exciting and successful tournaments and contests.  We bring the full force of our Sports Marketing Division to your community in person and/or through social and mobile media.  Let us work with our corporate partners when possible to take your fundraising event into the stratospere!  We do require that your cause be noble and compatible with the 69″ Max Mission and Code of Conduct.

Launch your team to represent your cause!

The popularity and buzz about 69″ Max is going to grow immensely over the next decade.  We’ve already decided that over here.  If you have a cause that you want to support, what better way to get your name out there than to create a team in honor of your cause, then win, win, win!  We would love to see Team Food-Bank vs. Team Save the Wetlands in the finals some year soon!

 Sponsor youth basketball in your area

5’9″ Max is our youth basketball division.  We will soon be helping people start 5’9″ Max leagues, but we support and encourage youth basketball everywhere.  Please fill out our contact form on this page to get information about ways to support youth basketball leagues in your area.  You are also welcome to volunteer your time or donate resources to the 5’9″ Max cause.  100% of all donations received will go directly to support youth basketball programs.