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 Let’s Build our Brands Together!

The 69″ Max Basketball Association promotes healthy living, community spirit, and exercise – and opens the sport of basketball to potentially billions of people around the world.  Over half the people on Earth are under 1.75 meters tall (5 feet, 9 inches, a.k.a. 69 inches!).  69″ Max opens a whole new market for basketball shoes, equipment, apparel, fan gear, and associated products and services.

Within a just couple years, the 69″ Max global media stream will show fans and viewers around the world their favorite teams as they compete and advance toward a 69″ Max Global Championship tournament (c. 2014/2015).  69″ Max is currently seeking ground-floor corporate partners who also believe in the 69″ Max mission, and who believe in the market power behind opening a wildly popular sport to an emerging demographic niche of roughly 3 billion people across the globe.

Partnership packages will include multimedia advertising during 69″ Max sporting and entertainment events, cobranding, on-site promotions, and player endorsements.  Tactics include aggressive targeted online sponsorship and content distributorship, mobile media sharing and promotion, mobile and social App development for leagues, teams, and players, interactive (clickable) product placement (see www.ClickIntoIt.com), social media promotion, P/R & Publicity promotion . . .

69″ Max will take the world by storm!  There will be over 1,000 69″ Max teams actively playing each year by 2020.  Be an original partner of 69″ Max and build a relationship with a rapidly growing and virtually limitless global fan base.  This is an ideal sports marketing opportunity to reach an as-yet an untapped niche. . .

69″ Max is single-handedly building a global market BOOM for Size M jerseys and basketball shoes sizes 5-8!

Who wants a piece of the action?

Please complete our contact form on this page to get sponsorship information for 69″Max adult basketball teams and events or for information on sponsoring a youth basketball program with 5’9″ Max.