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69 Max facilitates the formation of games in your local area.  Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on new teams in your area, upcoming tournaments, 3-on-3 competitions, and emerging formal 69 Max Amateur and Semi-Pro Basketball Leagues.

When your team is certified by 69″ Max, you will be eligible to compete against other certified 69″ Max teams at sanctioned games and tournaments, plus your team will be eligible for corporate sponsorship opportunities and, if they materialize, prizes, trophies, and/or gift incentives at sponsored 69″ Max competitions.  All certified official 69″ Max teams receive official uniforms, basketballs, and training equipment, included as part of the initial setup package.

Team Qualifications for Certification, 69 Max teams (18+ yrs old):

  • Minimum ten players per team, maximum 12 players per team
  • All players are no taller than 69″, or 1.75 Meters
  • The team provides an appropriate and unclaimed team name
  • The team provides the full name and email of each player
  • All team members sign and agree to the Max Basketball Code of Conduct

Note: 69″ Max is a co-ed adult basketball association and teams may be comprised of men, women, or any combination thereof.

 Upcoming Games, Tournaments and Events

Below is a list of upcoming events.  If you would like to organize a local 69″ Max game or tournament, contact us using the form on this page.  69″ Max can provide equipment, uniforms, corporate sponsorships and promotional tools for your team, league, or tournament.  Our mission is to usher in a new era of basketball, to generate excitement and fun, and to promote good health around the globe.  If you want to help us do that, then we definitely want to help you!  (For Youth Teams and Leagues, CLICK HERE)

September, 2012:


Inaugural gathering and scrimmage, late September, San Francisco Bay Area.

Date and Time TBD

October, 2012:


Gathering and scrimmage, Mid-October, Denver Metro Area

Date and Time TBD


For information on our future professional 69 Max Global basketball league, please download our gameplans

Download 69 Max Ownership Info -PDF

Download 69 Max Ownership Features and Benefits PDF

69″ Max franchise opportunities are just around the corner!  Professional and semi-pro height-limit leagues will be sprouting up all over the globe.  Get in on the ground floor and get involved early.