Youth Training and Workouts

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Before 5’9″ Max takes the world by storm, we all need to get much better at playing basketball!

As we gradually ramp up the formation of community and youth teams, we will be focusing on training the fundamentals and introducing the sport of basketball to young people who haven’t had the honor of playing the world’s most exciting sport.  Early gatherings will often be informal practice sessions, scrimmages, team tryouts, and maybe a little goofin’ around. 5’9″ Max will partner with local coaches and leagues to provide quality athletic training and opportunity to all youths.

The Kids are the Cause!

The key objective of 5’9″ Max Basketball is to instill the good habits of exercise and healthy living in the youth population.  All of our 5’9″ Max events include a dietary education component via youth-oriented seminars, Q&A sessions, guest speakers from the professional sports industry such as athletic trainers, dieticians, and professional athletes, celebrities, and other high-profile positive role models.  Eating well and exercising go hand-in hand to build a strong, healthy person.  We seize this opportunity to teach young basketball players life skills along with athletic skills.